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sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Há coisas que não são negociáveis

In a recent thread, I wrote the following:

Satan is in the world. We try to deny it, but he is there. Satan hates everything that is good, and the patriarchal family is clearly a Good. Not only does it produce good, but it’s very design comes straight from God and mimics our relationship with Him. The concept of “marital rape” is not part of His design, and is part of an effort to destroy that design. It can only come from one place therefore… from Satan himself. Anybody who promotes it is promoting Satan’s policies. Think about that, and shudder.

Melodrama? No, this is the simple truth. We are dealing with the forces of evil here, not reasonable, dissenting opinions. Soon we will see the result of his work all around us, and it will shock us. But why should we be shocked? Evil begets evil.

It is not until we understand that we are at war with Satan himself, and that he is busy all around us and within us, that we can begin to rectify the situation. Even the financial collapse will merely sink us all into ever-increasing decline unless we understand why we got there in the first place. We got there by following Satan, rather than God.

We already know what we have to do; it is all in the Good Book. But we do not want to do it because we are wicked.

This is the central problem of our society: the denial of Satan. If you deny Satan, and assume that every statement is “just an opinion”, then you deny truth and therefore absolute morality. Everything is open to debate, discussion, and deliberation. It’s all about how we feel about things, or what our mood is, or exploiting a loophole, or whether something pleases us.

But that is a Satanic view of morality! We saw that in the Garden, we saw that in the Desert; that is how Satan reasons with us.

“But did he really say…” “What about…” “There could be an exception if…” “Well, if he wanted you to be happy he’d…”

Satan is a master rhetorician, and he knows how to twist our minds with clever arguments. Is that how God works? Does that sound like God? God does not speak that way. God is Truth, so communicating with God is not rhetoric (the art of persuasion) but dialectic (the search for truth).

Why do we allow people to drag us into debates about things that are not debatable?

  • A husband cannot rape his wife because it is impossible for a husband to rape his wife, by very definition of being a husband. This is always true.
  • Adultery is wrong because it is theft, fornication, and the breaking of a sacred covenant. This is always true.
  • Abortion is murder because unjustly killing someone is murder. This is always true.
  • Divorce is evil because God hates divorce. Every divorce is a sign of deep human failing, and results in the tragic breakdown of the world’s most important institution: the family. This is always true.

These are things which are not negotiable, and I refuse to negotiate any longer. I will not bargain with evil. Evil must conform to good, not the other way around. We have given way enough, and it is time for some push-back.

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